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[Thu/Jul/2010 at 10:04pm]
[ mood | my backs killing ]

I miss my journal. I miss updating too. I still take picture waiting to put them on my journal, but I don't ..

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[Sun/Jul/2009 at 8:18pm]
[ mood | back is killing a braud ]

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I hadn't had much sex, but this felt too good. My hands were numb, to the point even my knuckles had turned white. I had begun to squeeze the sheets so tight, my nails were now in my palms. My breast were so hard they hurt when they slapped me damn near my chin, they had taken on a new shape as well, even my nipples were nice round pebble like stones. My chest heaved up and down, as I tried to catch my breath in between his strong strokes. My stomach had went all the way to my back, as he held it in for me, completely stopping my breathing. My upper thighs would be bruised come morning, as he squeezed them each time he slammed my behind up against his waist. Forget a rug burn, Id have sheet burns as he had me all across this bed, Id have black knees after this night. The worst; I couldn't undo my feet and toes as they were stuck in a permanent state of being curled, I had to pull my knees up not knowing how much space was not in between us. I felt a part of him I didn't want to feel, his sweaty large onioned behind. But I couldn't put my legs down or release my toes, the more I held them the better it felt .. x
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This Needs To Be Public [Sat/Mar/2005 at 12:45am]
[ mood | determined ]

She had me thinking. Black people complain so much. Our daughters are pregnant, not knowing who the father is. Having EBT cards and their check on the first. The statistic of a young black girl is having kids and unwed. It's sad that the number of cases of HIV/AIDS of young black women is growing at a alarming rate. Our young men only think about all the bling, P-i-m-p, hoe's, drinking/smoking. We complain the election didn't addressed anything about the black community. But yet some of us didn't even vote.  Don't expect the president of the United States to stop everything. We have to do something ourselves. It's cut out with this, were ok with our kids not finishing high school. Our kids can word every single line to "Lean Back" and "Drop It Like It's Hot' but yet they can't write their name. Why is it that we can talk bad about that one black kid who speaks good english, in college, we categorize him as "Uncle Tom", or "Sellout". Why not be proud. I got emberassed when at my graduation my Mother was walking up to all the young black men and shaking their hands saying "Congratulations I am proud". I NOW know. In my graduating class, there was only 6 black young men that graduated. What I am saying is pay more attention to the kids. Maybe I'm just talking gibberish, or none sense. I see my 13 year old cousin and I hear "She has that big booty she know what she doin, she goen be like her Momma wit 5 kids ." she is worth more. Encourage kids to be more than what people expect. They shouldn't have to walk in the store and just look cause they can't afford anything. They should walk in and be equal to that white woman who looked at them crossed eyed wondering are they going to rob me. Don't think a black kid can not get a 1600 on their SAT's. Don't settle for the 900 they say we can only get. If you apply yourselves you can get that 1600 also.

If I offend anyone in this post. I am not sorry. Everything came from the heart. I love being a young black woman. I take pride in it. I have a mother who taught me I am better then the rest cause I am blessed cause I am black. I love being me. I love this brown skin. I love this thick black nose, I love my nappy hair. I love these big lips. I love the fact that I switch as I walk cause I got something special is in me. Black people you are beautiful. Hold to that. Instill that in your kids.

When your ancestors back when were fighting for your freedom, if they were here today do you think the way we live today is what they fought for?
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FRIENDS ONLY! [Mon/May/2004 at 7:53pm]
[ mood | Freezing ]

Never confuse knowledge with wisdom .. x
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